Responsible chats

Huei Yin Wong and Jack Railton-Woodcock are a creative team at Ogilvy & Mather, Melbourne. Here they muse over their responsibilities from opposite sides of the world.

Gift of the Gabberer: Ben Lilley

Ben Lilley has had an unconventional 20-year advertising career, peaking with his role as Chairman and CEO of McCann Australia—a position he resigned from last year. Here, he shares his views on where all the money has gone, and whether being an independent entrepreneur beats being part of a global agency network.

Not Money Bingo

You know things are going south in salary negotiations when you’ve spent longer discussing free breakfast items than the salary you’ve requested. Creative team, Gabe Woodmansey and Jono Aidney, lament the industry practice of giving you everything other than money for your blood, sweat and tears.

An Optimist's Guide To Hollywood

You’ve gotta be positive to make it in the land of dreams. Director Dan Reisinger from Infinity2 talks to us about how he’s kept believing through the good times and the bad—and how he went from working as a coffee machine salesman, to working with Hollywood A-LIsters.

The Painful Optimist

All pozzy no neggy, Harold! Lucy Logan and Holly Burgess have a few handy turns of phrase to add to your repertoire when your genuine optimism fails you.