UNWANTED  (The advice you never asked for)

UNWANTED (The advice you never asked for)

By Jess Lilley and Jim Walsh

Being an advertising creative is a little bit like being on a hamster wheel—each brief brings with it the prospect of success or failure. A lot of this is self-driven—we constantly want to create something brilliant and are afraid that the next one might be the one that just doesn’t deliver.

But it can be compounded by the ‘advice’ you are given along the way. The competitive aspect of advertising culture can at times get quite brutal.

To represent this, we've created a poster series featuring some of the gems we’ve been told or heard in agency corridors over the years, using a font created from the logos of creative agencies around the world.

Be a dick.jpg
right fit.jpg
go anywhere.jpg
The mirror never lies

The mirror never lies

I am awful

I am awful