An ode to optimism, strummed on a uke

An ode to optimism, strummed on a uke

It’s with great joy that we present our first ever recorded song here on Gabberish. Not to diminish the excellent song lyrics we’ve published in the past, but to be able to put your ear buds in and take in the full atmosphere of one art director’s complicated ode to optimism is really a privilege.

We are especially grateful to Jason Hatcher for creating this song while he was knocked six ways to delirium after the Christmas Day birth of his second child (not named Jesus, sadly.) Put on the kettle, get comfy and settle in for a ditty about optimism.

Lyrics, music and performance by Jason Hatcher.

Ode to Optimism Lyrics

Optimise for efficiently isn’t something I remember being on the brief but I’m happy to comply because I’m happy with my ideas. 
Did I mention I’m an optimist?
We’re all spinning in the ether, it’s all a drop in the ocean of life.

I’m an optimist with a deadline. 
There’s no flat circles, there’s a board that needs convincing. 

Good things are around the corner. The next one will be a winner. 
Optimism is our addiction. I’m not a gambler I am making a difference. 

Maybe the next one. Forever the next one, we keep pushing the Shit uphill. 
Swings and roundabouts predicting disappointment. 

Optimistic throwing shit at a wall. 
Really interrogate the idea to get to the heart of the problem. What is it that you wanted asking?
That’s not what I was thinking but I can see how it appears that way. Most of me is happy that this much is being liked, I guess it can change or evolve.
The vision is still intact. What is it that we’re answering again?

Blood sweat and tears a lot of people’s time, outside responsibilities are second fiddle but I’m sure it will all work out.
Focus on the opportunities we’ve been presented, not the fact we’re running out of natural light and the prime of our lives and our weekends.  

All just a drop in the ocean. 
Who wants to be remembered for a billboard. 
Actually to be remember for a billboard would be nice. 
The cycle is so fast you’re forgotten tomorrow. 

Nose to the grindstone. 
Ahead of the wave. 
Reinvent the wheel again.  
So many conflicting opinions need to agree on the direction. Future proof impossibility. 

What if someone changes their mind later on or refuses to listen to research. 
Or the feedback isn’t concise enough to address. 
Or the printouts of the presentations is at Lo Res. 

If I’m sweating the small stuff I’m lost in the weeds. 
Now I don’t really get what I’m doing. But it will all be OK. 

Hey the sun shines and I’m in the creative industry so there’s a lot worse to be doing.  

Jason Hatcher is an optimist, designer and creative at Wunderman Thompson, Melbourne. See more of his work here.

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